Our Mission

Photos: Cliff Lucas

Our Journey: Our journey is a fusion of passion for sports and the enjoyment of life's moments. We've embraced the beer mile, a sport invented in Canada, as a symbol of this synergy. Through Beer Mile Bellemore, we celebrate both the sweat of hard work and the cheers of shared triumphs.

Embracing the Beer Mile: The beer mile is more than a sport; it's a way of life that combines athleticism with camaraderie. Inspired by the beer mile tradition and the spirit of pushing limits, we've created Beer Mile Bellemore to honour this ethos in a unique and stylish way.

Our Vision: Our vision is to offer you a glimpse into the world of Beer Mile Bellemore through our exclusive merchandise. We believe in the power of combining dedication and celebration, values that resonate with both athletes and those who embrace life's adventures. We also believe in using this power to give back to the community which is why a portion of all sales go to charity. In December 2023, we donated proceeds from our End of Summer Drop (the "OG" Beer Mile Bellemore shirts) to the Windsor-Essex Humane Society. See our Giving Back section for more information.

Join Us: Explore our collection and become a part of the Beer Mile Bellemore spirit. Our carefully curated apparel and accessories reflect the essence of the beer mile tradition while honouring the blend of hard work and joy that define us as Canadians.

Raise a glass to Beer Mile Bellemore, a brand that expresses the art of athleticism and the joy of shared moments. Here's to embracing the journey, conquering challenges, and savouring every victory – all while sharing a smile and a cheers!